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The location of Yeshe Sal Ling Bön center in St. Radegund bei Graz

The address of Yeshe Sal Ling Bön center is: Kurweg 2, 8061 St. Radegund bei Graz, Austria.

Two potential sources of confusion:
1) Several other villages in Austria are called "St. Radegund". Make sure to include the postal code 8061 or the suffix "bei Graz" (near Graz) in any search.
2) Many satnavs get "Kurweg 2" wrong and show the nearby rehab clinic at this address. Open streetmap shows Yeshe Sal Ling correctly.
Consult the above map - click to enlarge - our center is on the small private road (marked with a signpost to "Kinderland" and a dead-end sign) that forks off from Schöcklstrasse at Gasthof Budapest.

Sankt Radegund bei Graz is a resort village 15km north-northeast of Graz, easily accessible by public transportation: Bus line 250 from Graz Jakominiplatz gets you to Sankt Radegund in 35 minutes. It runs about once an hour from 7am to 7:30pm (but only until 6:40pm on Saturdays).

By public transportation: coming from Graz on bus 250, get off at "Sankt Radegund - Postamt" in the center of Sankt Radegund or at the following stop "Seilbahn Talstation" at the cable car station. (Be careful: the Talstation stop is only served until about 6pm, or as long as the cable car is operating. Better ask the driver if he will stop there.). From either stop, Yeshe Sal Ling is in easy walking distance (less than 10min on foot), see map. It's an uphill walk from "Postamt" to Yeshe Sal Ling, and downhill from "Seilbahn Talstation". (St. Radegund is on the southern slope of a mountain: going north means going uphill.)

For details on bus 250 see under "directions".

By car from the center of St. Radegund (with town hall "Gemeindeamt", the grocery store, the church, and a bank with a cash machine): go north, uphill, in the direction of the cable car station - following the directions to "Schöcklseilbahn". After passing the fire station (on your right), but before you reach the cable car station, you turn left at Gasthof Budapest; taking the road - marked as a dead end - with a signpost to "Kinderland".

By car from the cable car station (Seilbahn Talstation): go south, downhill, in the direction of the center of St. Radegund. At Gasthof Budapest, you want to turn right, but the road branches off at an impractical acute angle. Therefore, continue past Gasthof Budapest, make a U-turn on the parking lot next to the fire station and then approach Gasthof Budapest again from the south and turn left there, as described above.

The websites on Sankt Radegund bei Graz all seem to be in German:

In any case, St. Radegund bei Graz is situated at 750m altitude on the southern slope of Schöckl mountain (1445m) and has a mild climate (neither extremely cold in winter nor extremely hot in summer). In the immediate vicinity of the site of Yeshe Sal Ling there are many walks and hiking trails as well as a cable car to the top of Schöckl mountain.

Directions to Graz and to St. Radegund